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Contributi verso Horizon 2020 sui temi Smart City/Smart Community per connettere ricerca, imprese e territorio

Università Iuav di Venezia, Unioncamere del Veneto e Vega Parco Scientifico e Tecnologico di Venezia, presentano 5 tesi di dottorato di ricerca:

“Contributi verso Horizon 2020 sui temi Smart City/Smart Community per connettere ricerca, imprese e territorio"

European Regional Development Fund ("ERDF") / HORIZON 2020

We wish to inform you of important changes concerning the use of funds from the European Regional Development Fund ("ERDF"). HORIZON 2020, new Framework Programme of the European Commission for the period 2014-2020 , aims to improve the recognition and support of research excellence in Europe. In this light, the significant differences in access to EU funding of the various member states, some of which are a consequence of inadequate research infrastructures, the European Commission has decided that the ERDF funds will be targeted also to the strengthening of research infrastructures. In the future EU cohesion policy will have a greater focus in helping to create these infrastructures. For our scientists, public research entities, universities, SMEs and industry, this means everything: from laboratories to equipment, from supercomputers to networks of high-speed data, etc.. The less developed regions will have to invest at least 50% of the ERDF resources on at least two of the following four areas: [1] support for research and innovation, [2] SMEs, [3 ] the Digital Agenda, [4] the energy efficiency and renewable energy (low carbon economy). This percentage will increase to 60% for transition regions, and 80% in all other regions . In the intention of the European Commission, this new policy for the use of ERDF funds will serve to create the right basis for researchers to work and be more competitive in obtaining EU funding for research. On the basis of transparent competition and close cooperation between research organizations and regions, there is also the possibility of creating new research centers to give excellent career prospects for researchers in Europe, and to help the less developed regions catch up on those that are more developed . Bioinnovit.com offers consulting services specializing in the design and implementation of research projects funded by HORIZON 2020, ERC Grants, ERDF projects, and most of the grants funded by international foundations and international research institutions.
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